The Thanom Advantage...

Save Time

When a business-related query involves collating and combining data from disparate industry sources, the process is likely to be time-consuming, frustrating, and prone to errors. Thanom’s researchers draw on a large number of information sources that store and present their data in a variety of units of weight and measure, but we store our data in uniform and consistent units in our database and present it in standard formats. This simplifies analysis of patterns and trends, making comparisons, computing aggregates, and generating professional-looking reports, saving Thanom users time and money.

Save Money

Our subscription rates are surprisingly low. We have developed a business model that allows us to work very efficiently, and we pass those savings on to our customers.

No Modules

Our customers get all the information they need for one low price, thanks to our simple subscription model — no modules.

Use without Internet

Many of our customers need to use Thanom while in the air or in other locations where an internet connection may not be available. Thanom can be used anywhere; no wired or WiFi internet connection is required to execute queries or display/print reports. The only operations that require an internet connection are downloading weekly data updates, following links to corporate web sites, and viewing high-resolution enlargements of aircraft photos.